A survey of digital media trends.

Are you interested in subjects such as mobile technologies, viral videos, eReading, digital relationships, e-shopping, online reputations, and privacy concerns in the age of Google? Take this course! FILM260 is a survey of selected emerging digital media trends. We’ll cover issues and ideas related to digital literacies, online friendship, educational technology, mobile connectivity, eCommerce and social media marketing, and social/virtual workplaces.

Course design is online and social.

Each week, lecture slides and podcasts will be posted online, and over the course of six weeks 400 students will have regularly scheduled opportunities to connect with the instructor and each other on-demand and in real-time using web conferencing and social sites.

You’re not required to purchase any textbooks for this course — all reading assignments will be posted online. As well, all course materials are online and all course assignments are completed online (via the web, Webex, and Moodle). Course assignments for FILM260 involve blogging, creating infographics, contributing to online discussions, and doing online tests.

Complete a semester’s worth of content in just six weeks with this condensed credit course.

There are no formal pre-reqs to take this (3.0 unit) course, which means that part-time and lifelong learners are welcome from across the disciplines and far beyond Queen’s. We expect a mix of participants including existing Queen’s undergrads, some alums, students enrolled at other colleges seeking transfer credits, and professionals looking for a summer professional development course. Need a few credits to finish your degree? Looking for transfer credits? Want to build a personal learning network online? Consider FILM260.

Online registration is open now.

There are 500 online seats available in this course — last year all seats filled up, so register early.

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